The ADVANCED WORKSHOP is divided in 2 practice classes of 4 hours each,
where the students will get a chance to work on 12 to 16 special artistic finishes samples
with advanced level techniques using special decorative materials
and tools to create exclusive surfaces’ finishes.


This steps below were covered in NOVICE and MIDWAY WORKSHOPS and serve a base for the amazing ADVANCED WORKSHOP where the students will learn more elaborate applications of the know how they mastered in the first two set of classes.

1 – Materials
- Primers
- Paints
- Stain – oil/water
- Plasters
2 – Prep Work

- Taping
- Sanding
- Priming
- Staining
- Plastering

3 – Starting

- The techniques
- Where and how to start
- Timing
- Details

4 – Final Steps

- Removing tape
- Fixing mistakes
- Clean-up
- Final touches

5 – Practice class

Time to gather all learned in previous workshops or through your own experience. Guided by masters, students will spend time to perfect and create unique and beautiful samples. Feeling confident, is time to use your creativity!
Students will finish this sections with a series of high end finishes’ samples.

Be inspired!


No worries….JOIN US ANYWAY!
If you missed the 1st series of classes and has some experience with decorative finishes, you can still join us to learn a lot of new beautiful techniques.
Participating in the ADVANCED WORKSHOPS is a great way to enhance your knowledge and inspiration for creating artistic finishes for your home or customers.